Arizona Mini Mystique


How We Can Help You

The AZ Mini Mystique has traveled throughout the West and starting in 2009, throughout North America. We can provide you with the following types of exposure and promotion for your organization:

! Exposure to a wide variety of groups at a local, regional and international levels, depending on your interest:

– Equine enthusiasts

– Pet lovers

– Families of all economic classes

– People with disabilities, and their families and caregivers

– Large gatherings of the general public

! Regular PR coverage associated prior to performances

! Emailing advertising to an extensive list of horse enthusiasts

! Website exposure through the AZ Mini Mystique website

! Product samples made available and sponsor literature at our booth

! Your name will be listed on our website as a sponsor

How Your Sponsorship Will Help Us

You and/or your organization will help us to achieve these goals:

! Entertain and educate the public about this wonderful breed, the Miniature Horse

! Perform at charitable fund-raising events

! Perform for other worthwhile organizations that bring joy and healing through contact with horses, such as Horses Help, The Therapy Zone, North American Riding for Handicapped Assn, Boys and Girls Detention Center, and many others

! Assist and promote animal rescue organizations

! Rescue abused and abandoned miniature horses

! Take our little horses into rest homes, schools, libraries and hospitals to bring joy and smiles to people who need them

! Bring lightness and laughter to thousands in these difficult, stressful times

! Teach people who otherwise couldn’t ride due to age or disability how to drive, handle and enjoy these small, safer versions of horses

Your generous support will help us to cover the costs of

! Travel, including fuel, housing, stalls, equine health certificates

! Tack, carts and other equipment

! Costumes for both horses and drivers

! Photos and promotional materials

! Costs associated with putting on AZ Mini Mystique fundraising events

! Costs associated with taking minis into care organizations to benefit the disabled, elderly and needy

A donation of any amount will help us meet our very growing need for uniforms, travel expenses, entry fees, tack and training.

Sponsorship Form

If you would like to be a sponsor for the Arizona Mini Mystique please fill out this form and mail it to Ron Souza (listed below).

Reminder:  The Arizona Mini Mystique is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donation receipt upon request.


Company Name:_________________________________________________________________


City: State: Zip Code:_____________________________________________________________

Phone Number: (____)______-__________________________________

Fax Number:_________________________________________________

Email Address:________________________________________________

Web Site Address:______________________________________________

I wish to be a  sponsor of the AZ Mini Mystique Miniature Horse Drill Team.

Enclosed is my check for $_________________



Title: ______________________________________________


Mail to:

Ron Souza
1339 W. Maddock Road
Phoenix, AZ  85086

or call:
(623) 465-5034 Day/Evening
(602) 670-5935 Cell