From the viewing stands, this is what
we looked like on the parade route

2012 Rose Parade

Arizona Mini Mystique

Here is a picture of what we saw (when we were staging) at the beginning of the parade route.
Looking just to the left of the tree, just about center,
you will see the red canopy used by HGTV.

Tournament of Roses Parade
5 1/2 miles and over a million people watching along the parade route.

Our second appearance in the Rose Parade was just as exciting as the first.

2008 Rose Parade

2010 Tournament of Roses Equestfest

2007 Tournament of Roses Parade

in Pasedena, California

Our walk down the parade route was just as exciting as previous years!  This picture shows all 12 members during the Equestfest, held 2 days before the parade. Later in the year of 2010 our team was asked to perform at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY. More information is located on the page for the World Equestrian Games

On the parade route

Rose Parade / Equestfest

2012 Rose Parade team