One of our first performances as the newly organized AZ Mini Mystique
was done  in Del Mar, California on April 21, 2007, the Night of the Horse Show, which is part of Del Mar National Horse Show.

This was quite an experience!  We performed with 8 people and a flag person in front of 2500+ people.  Our horses  and drivers were equally excited, they had never seen that many spectators in one place! 

As we entered the arena, we could hear the giggles, ooohs & awws from the crowd.  The horses were awfully cute, with their ribbons and bows.  As we started our maneuvers, the audience's tone changed to applause and as our performance went on, the applause got louder and louder, by the time we finished our routine, the entire audience was on their feet giving us a standing ovation!

You can't imagine how thrilled we all were!!  This was our first night -- we had another night  to do.  It was just as thrilling for us!

2017 Night of the Horse in Del Mar, CA

Night of the Horse in Del Mar, CA

In April of 2017, we went to Del Mar, CA  to perform at the Night of the Horse.  This video is of our 2nd act - music by Pitbull. 

​In our first act we performed to the music of Lionel Richie's Dancin' on the Ceiling.

​We had several new drivers and horses performing in front of a very large crowd!

It was a blast!!

Arizona Mini Mystique

Del Mar

2007  Night of the Horse in Del Mar, CA