The Arizona Mini Mystique, a world class Miniature Horse driving drill team, entertains crowds with an energetic precision drill set to a lively  musical score. This dedicated team performs difficult maneuvers such as the Box Cross; requiring four columns of horses and drivers to cross directly behind the pair in front of them forming a box in the center of the arena. A crowd favorite is the Suicide Wheel – the driver’s fold the eight / twelve abreast line to face each other, and then expertly maneuver their horses and carts in between the oncoming line of horses and carts, WOW! With the sparkle of their uniforms, the gleaming coats of the many different colored horses and the highly polished harnesses and carts, this team puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The members of this team have been perfecting their routine for several years. They have had the honor of representing the Miniature Horse at such prestigious events as the 2007, 2008, 2010, & 2012 Rose Parade/Equestfest, the Del Mar National Horse Show, Calgary Stampede (Alberta Canada) and the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY.

When not performing, the members of the team enjoy taking their horses to retirement homes and schools to help educate the public about the Miniature Horse and often donate performance time to other non-profit organizations fundraising events.

The Arizona Mini Mystique is quickly becoming a featured attraction at many of the Parades through out Arizona. These little horses and their dedicated owners always put on a great show – and are loved by young and old along the parade route.  

As an independent, incorporated, non- profit organization (501c3) the Arizona Mini Mystique does not charge for their performances. They do rely on sponsorships and donations to help off set the cost of travel and entry fees. Please consider becoming a Mini Mystique sponsor, just click on the "Sponsorship" link for more information.

Would you like to meet the team and their horses? Just click on the "Team Members" link.

If you would like to have the Arizona Mini Mystique entertain at your next event please contact our
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