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Hi Everyone. Remember last month I told you last time that we are getting ready to go to the Calgary Stampede in Canada at the end of June. Well we have been practicing a lot and thatís good because we changed our musical drill. We added some more stuff and, boy, do we ever need the practice to get it right. It will look great when everyone figures out what theyíre doing. One part is really hard because we meet our partners and go around in the middle of the arena. I kind of feel like Iím square dancing. (I saw that on TV one time.) Of course, I already have it memorized (do you like that big word!) and now I have to teach Mom the routine. Boy oh boy, my work is never done.

My friend, Fernanda, and I went to another ADT and she and I came in second. Iíll miss Fernanda when she goes back to Brazil on Saturday. I taught her a lot of things and showed her a lot of fun here in AZ. Sheíll probably brag about me in Brazil Ė hmmm wonder how you say Coughdrop in Brazil talk? I know my buddy Chevy will miss her too because she loved Chevy and tried to pack him in her suitcase. He didnít fit though because he hasnít lost enough weight yet even though heís still on a diet.

Did you see the rain we had? Wasnít that super! I didnít even need my misters on because it was so cool. Mom and Dad gave us some fans too! Donnie, Chevy and I now live in a palace Ė at least thatís what my shoer said. I think it is pretty neat too.

The next thing coming up is a Darby. Those are lots of fun because you donít have to do that dressage thing. I think I get to sit this one out because Momís going to take Chevy and Dad will take Donnie. Anyway, if you want more information about it, just go on the ADCS outer space thing at and you can get more info. I think it is June 6th at Butterfieldís place up in cool Williamson Valley. I went last year and had loads of fun.

I have to tell my dear friends out there that I had to go to the doctor again about my eye Ė you know Ė the one thatís still there. Well they cut out a tumor and tested it but it came back alright. I have to go back to the doctor at the end of this month again because there might be something else wrong. But Iím not scared. I was soooo good for Mom when the doctor looked into my eye and everything. They didnít even have to give me that happy juice shot because I stood so still. They just squirted some stuff into my eye that took the pain away. Mom and Dad do have to give me eye medicine two times a day but I always get a treat afterward. Iíll bring you up to date next time I get to write to you.

Well, Mom said to cut the chatter. Donít forget to visit our website (that outer space thing) at and find out where weíll be and what weíll be doing and when we will be doing it. Youíll see some NEW pictures of us there in our NEW uniforms. We look sharp! And, most of all, have fun in your life by getting out with your small friends.

Love from Coughdrop


Maybe I'll get the hang of all these modern contraptions, typewriters and trailers....